Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dostoyevsky on One Page.

Dickens and Dostoyevsky.

I was looking for a particular phrase in Crime and Punishment today. (Read A Simple MatterThe full text of Dostoyevsky's novel is on many Russian sites but they usually break it into chapters or parts which makes it impossible to search the full body of text in one place, you have to go from page to page repeating the search.

After having spent some time going from site to site I found one where the whole novel is on one page, here, onКлассика website.

In most word processors, Pages, Word, Open Office, you can do a quick search in text by typing Command+F on a Mac or Control+F on a Windows machine, and then type a key word or phrase in the search window. Not everybody knows that the same trick works in internet browsers. Type the same command and a small search window opens within the browser. In Safari and Chrome it opens at the top, in Firefox it's at the bottom. Type in your key word and the window will show how many times it appears in the text, if any. Click on the arrows in the search window to go straight to the place in the text, no matter how long, where the word is used.

The collage with this post refers to the hoax started by 'Sophie Harvey' in the Dickensian. She claimed to have found a letter by Dostoyevsky describing his meeting with Dickens in London. A number of scholars and critics fell for it. Read Languagehat's post with a link to Eric Naiman's exhaustive investigation into the identity of hoaxer.

In the collage I put Dickens and Dostoyevsky over the photo of a meeting between Lenin and Stalin in 1922, famous for being radically 'photoshopped.' If reposting put in a link to this post.

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